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Services and Living
  • Appliances
    Guides to the kanji found on Japanese appliances
  • ATMs
    ATM button translations as well as furikomi and other procedural guides
  • Driving
    Driving permits and licenses
  • Food Around Mie
    Aggregate list supermarkets, restaurants, and more arranged by city
  • Medical Care
    A collection of good doctors and dentists in Mie, including a list of personally recommended doctors
  • Phones
    How to hook yourself up with a cellphone
  • Vegan Living
    Comprehensive guide to thriving in Japan as a vegetarian/vegan
  • Wildlife
    Sampler of some creatures you may find in your inaka apartment – warning: pictures of giant bugs
Recreation and Entertainment
  • Amusement Parks
    List of major and minor amusement/theme parks around Mie and Japan
  • Arcades
    Get in touch with your inner otaku at some of the area's best game centers
  • Festivals
    All the best matsuri around – don't miss them!
  • Movie Theaters
    List of movies theaters in Mie with a link to the current movie listings for each as well as directions
  • Nightlife
    Where to go to blow off steam after long day/week
  • Onsen
    All about baths with a step-by-step etiquette guide as well as a list of recommended onsen and sento
  • Sports
    Tips for getting into various sports in the area
Official Procedures
  • Re-entry into Japan
    Notes about re-entering Japan if you're leaving temporarily to go on vacation or visit family back home
  • International Driving Permit
    Permit you pick up at home that allows people from most countries to drive in Japan without having to take the license test
  • Taxes
    All about taking care of tax matters in your home countries
  • Air
    Airport info plus some useful websites for booking plane tickets
  • Bus
    Local and long-distance buses in the area
  • Night bus
    A great way for getting between major urban areas
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