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Watarai in Japanese

Watarai (度会町 : Watarai-chō) is a rural town in eastern Mie with a population of about 9,000. It is close to Ise and not too far from Matsusaka. "Watarai" is a very old name which would be hard to trace the origins or exact meaning of.

The first kanji is tricky because it is usually 「渡」, not 「度」, that is read wataru however in for some reason this town (and whole area of Mie in the old days) chose to use the kanji 「度」.

Watarai is very rural, and are many tea and rice fields. It is also a great, and quiet, place to view Sakura along the Miyagawa.

Watarai Sakura.jpg



Basically the only way in or out.


There is no train. In fact, Watarai joins Minamiise as the only other principality in Mie that lacks a train station.


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