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Downtown Toba and the bay as seen from Mt. Asama

Toba (鳥羽市 : Toba-shi) is a small city in eastern Mie that is home to about 25,000 people. It is an extremely popular destination for tourists to stay and such has many nice hotels that people from Osaka and Nagoya come to stay at. Because of this, Toba is well-connected via trains to both of these large cities, despite being so far away.


Toba in Japanese

"Toba" literally means "bird wing". The name of the bay pre-dates the name of the city.

Getting Around


Both Kintetsu and JR run to Toba. Kintetsu offers better and more frequent service, with direct tokkyū trains running to both Nagoya and Osaka at least once an hour.




Local Attractions

  • Toba Aquarium
    World-class aquarium, though it is a little pricey to get in.
  • Mikimoto Pearl Island
    Toba is where cultivated pearls were invented, something the city is very famous for. This island is a memorial to this invention and the person who discovered the cultivation process, Kokichi Mikimoto.


Food and Drink


The only one major shopping mall in Toba, which is Aeon - friendly known as "HELLO" by the locals.

Restaurants and Bars

  • Ciao (チャオ) - Arashima
    Located in the Arashima (安楽島町) area of Toba, about 5 minutes by car past Jusco heading towards Shima on Pearl Road. They have a wide selection of cakes and cookies, and offer light food, coffee, tea, etc.. English menu is available, as is service in English (most days). Ciao is one of the few places around with free wireless LAN, and is a non-smoking establishment. They also have bubble tea!

Recreation and Entertainment

The summertime Toba fireworks offer a great show that can be viewed from land or by sea.
Toba firework.jpg
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