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Taki (多気町 : Taki-chō) is a town situated between Matsusaka, Tamaki, and Ōdai.

At the beginning of 2006, Taki-chō aquired Seiwa (勢和村 Seiwa-mura) and now has a population of around 16,000. The town is best known for the huge Sharp manufacturing plant and the students of Ohka High School's famous cooking program.

As of March 3rd, 1995, Taki entered a sister city relationship with the American city of Camas, Washington.


Taki in Japanese

The name "Taki" could perhaps be translated as "Many Spirits".

「多」 means "many" and 「気」 roughly translates to "spirit" or "unseen force".


  • Elementary
    • Tokida Elementary School (外城田小学校)
    • Ōka Elementary School (相可小学校)
    • Sana Elementary School (佐奈小学校)
    • Seiwa Elementary School (勢和小学校)
    • Tsuda Elementary School (津田小学校)
  • Junior High
    • Taki Junior High School (多気中学校)
    • Seiwa Junior High School (勢和中学校)
  • Senior High
    • Ōka High School (相可高校)

Getting Around

Generally a car is recommended in Taki, as the last trains run earlier than most major stations (9 or 10pm) and it can be quite a trek from the stations back home. It is, however, possible to get by with a bicycle. The center of Matsusaka is less than 10km away (about 30-40 minutes by bike), and Taki Station is about 3 km from the center of town.


Taki is served by JR trains only. The main station is Taki (多気) Station. It is a fairly important station as it is where the Kisei Main Line (towards southern Mie) and the Sangū Line (towards Ise) split off, and thus it is a stop on the Mie Rapid (快速みえ) which runs to and from Nagoya about every hour.


There is one expressway stop in Taki, called the Seiwa-Taki Interchange (勢和多気IC), which connects into the Ise Expressway (伊勢自動車道). The entrance is on the 42, just north of the turnoff to the 368 (which takes you west towards Seiwa and Iinan).

Local Attractions

Scenic Spots

  • Tenkei Park (てんけい公園):
    This scenic park contains 2 walking/running trails (1 and 1.5 km), gateball area, lake, as well as an onsen area. The road to Tenkei park is marked on the 42 (the turn is just south of the MaxValu area)

Photo Spots

Taki has many really great photo spots if you're into landscapes, sunsets, etc. Brian has captured a number of great Taki photos and is happy to offer seasonal recommendations, just contact him.


  • Kumano no Sato (熊野の里) - ¥850 on weekdays, ¥950 on weekends
    Located on the 42, has really nice outdoor baths and a Balinese spa. The men's and women's baths are different and change every Monday. The Balinese spa offers facials, and lots of body treatments, including oil massages! There is also a stone spa. You can save 100 yen each time if you ask for a point card. The point can be used for free entry vouchers once you have enough!
    Kumano no Sato also has amazing theme days:
    • Wednesday is Ladies Day - Packaged deals include my favorite with entrance, V.I.P room and a delicious dinner for ¥1600!
    • Thursday is Friend's Day - Free entrance to the stone spa if you come in a pair!
  • Taki no Yu (多気の湯) - Open 10:00am ~ midnight
    Located at Crystal Town
    Also has a fitness center.

Events and Festivals


Taki certainly isn't the biggest town in Mie but you'll find most of what you need as far as daily necessities go.

  • Town Office (町役場 Chō-yakuba)
    This building holds most of the divisions of the town government, such as registration, taxes, sewer, Hyakugo window, etc. This should be your first stop within Taki (foreigner registration)
  • Culture Center (文化会館 Bunka Kaikan)
    Home of the Taki BOE. Various concerts and events are held here as well.
    Tel: 0598-38-1121
  • Post Office (郵便局 yūbin kyoku)
    Located directly across the street from Freshly supermarket/Komeri. Look for the bright orange sign on the 421. You can't miss it.
  • Banks
    The Taki branch (多気支店) is located on the 160 (go northbound from the BOE and it will be on your right). Be warned however, as this branch does not typically carry foreign currency on hand (just go to another branch instead). However since most JETs have a Hyakugo account, your furikomi transfer fees will be lower if you also have one.
    In the Seiwa region, there is a Hyaku go branch on the 704 towards the 166.
    • Mie Trust (三重信用金庫 Mie Shin'yō Kinko)
    Also located on the 160. It's across the street from Hyakugo bank.
  • Clinics
    Dr. Azuma - Excellent English-speaking doctor
  • Cellphone
    Denwa-ya (電話屋) is a cellphone shop located at Crystal Town. Make sure to have your gaijin registration card (or at least the form that states you will get your gaijin card) before buying your first keitai. Although more expensive than the other carriers, Docomo has the best coverage within the Taki area.
  • Library - Open 10:00 ~ 6:00, Closed Mondays
    Located next to the Culture center. This library was recently built in 2007 and has nice facilities.
  • Gas Station
    There is a Shell 24hr self serve gas station, just across from Crystal Town and also directly accessible from the 42. Remember to save your receipts; hand in 30,000 yen worth and you will get a 500 yen AEON voucher (usable at MaxValu and anything else run by AEON)


  • Crystal Town
    New shopping center completed fall 2008. Going south on the 42 there is a turn off into the parking lot before the Shell gasoline station, or you can make a left at the light with the MOS Burger. Crystal town houses a supermarket, 100 yen shop, shoe store, clothing store, pharmacy, bakery, photo printing, dry cleaning, massage, hair salon, book store, cheap eyeglasses store, and now an onsen (Taki no Yu)
  • Komeri
    Sells general home/DIY supplies. Located across near Ouka station on the 421.

Food and Drink


  • MaxValu - Open everday, 9:00 ~ midnight
    The main supermarket in Taki (and the main supermarket chain in Mie for that matter). It is recommended you get a point card here (you will need some ID) as all the frequent trips for groceries will eventually net you a 500 yen voucher.
  • Obachan no mise (おばちゃんの店)
    Located across from Mago no mise, this place sells locally grown produce.

Local Restaurants

  • Aile
    Bakery located on the 42 in Nita, just south of the MaxValu/Shell area.
  • Orange Style
    Italian place on the 42 in Hiratani. Get yourself a lunch set for around 1000 yen.
  • Kura (くら)
    Located in New-Ouka, Kura is well known for cheap (~630 yen) lunch sets. Be sure to ask about the daily special set.
  • Yamachanchi (やまちゃんち)
    Get your hand-made sausage fix as well as some great food.
  • Mago no Mise (孫の店)
    A restaurant run by the award-winning Ōka High School cooking club. Go south on the 42 and take the turn towards Gokatsura-ike (ごかつら池)
  • Takeya (竹屋)
    This place is run by one of the town council members and serves donburi and udon.
  • Tomo (友)
    Right behind Lawsons. Good Kansai style okonoimayaki and teishoku as well.
  • Kanri (かんり)
    Partner restaurant to Orange Style (father-daughter thing). Ise imo specialty restaurant. Pricier, but the food is great and meals come with unlimited mugi (wheat) rice.
  • Matsukasa Mochi (松阪餅)
    A fairly reputable type of mochi. It's uniqueness comes from the actual grains of cooked rice on type of the mochi. About 100 yen a piece. Take a left off of the 160 towards Ōka High School, it's on the left.
  • Senpai no Mise (せんぱいの店)
    A bento shop located in Max Valu that is owned by former Ohka High cooking students.
  • Aoki's Pizza
    A pizza delivery/take-out shop. A little pricier than at home, but watch out for coupons in the mail. Sometimes there are half price weekends.

Recreation and Entertainment

  • Training Center (トレーニングセンター) - Open weekdays 6~10 PM, weekends 8~12, 1~5, 6~10.
    This is across the parking lot from the culture center. Here you can find an indoor gym and weight room. The gym costs 100 yen per use and you can use it until it closes. No membership is required. Reservations are taken, and the courts fill up quickly so contact the Taki BOE to reserve it ahead of time.
  • Japanese classes
    The Taki International Society runs free Japanese lessons for foreigners on Tuesdays nights from 7:00 to 9:30 on the 2nd floor of the Culture Center. The classes are run by volunteers of the Taki International Society. Call the Taki BOE if you are interested.

Garbage Disposal

There's good news and bad news for garbage and recycling in Taki. The good news is that almost everything can be recycled. The bad news is that almost anything can be recycled.

In any case, garbage and recycling schedule in Taki (excluding the ex-Seiwa village area) rotates among 5 areas. Here are the 5 areas:

  • Ōka (相可)
  • Ōka-dai (相可台)
  • Sana (佐奈)
  • Tokida (外城田)
  • Tsuda (津田)

Each area generally collects burnables twice a week, non-burnables twice a month, and recycling once a week (either cans/bottles or paper/clothes/plastic) As the collection schedule will change due to national holidays, check the town garbage calendar for more details.

Burnable/non-burnable garbage must be placed in the regional drop-off point by 8am.

Be sure to use Taki-specified garbage bags (purchasable at MaxValu) with your name written on it. Red lettered bags are for burnable garbage (燃えるゴミ), and green lettered bags are for non-burnable garbage (燃えないゴミ). Don't mix them up!

  • Bika Center (びかセンター) Closes at 4:15 M-F, closed weekends. 0598-38-3776
    You need to go here if you need to recycle any items outside of local regional time, or if you need to dispose of large items/appliances


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