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Tōin (東員町 : Tōin-chō) is a town in northern Mie with a population of about 26,000. It is situated between Yokkaichi, Kuwana, and Inabe.


Tōin in Japanese

"Tōin" means "East Inabe", referring to nearby Inabe.

「東」 means east, and 「員」 in this case is shorthand for "Inabe", the kanji formerly used in the city's name.

Getting Around


The Sangi Hokusei Line, which connects Kuwana and Inabe, has stops in Tōin. Taking it to Nishi-Kuwana gets you to the major railway line from which you can go to Nagoya or pretty much everywhere else in Mie.


Sanco runs buses, some of which just run around town and others go straight to Nagoya via the expressway.

Sangi runs a few community buses around town.

Local Attractions

Scenic Spots

Events and Festivals



November 23, 2013 marks the grand opening of a new 3 story Aeon Mall in Tōin. You can find a detailed shopping guide here.

Although driving up the 365 is the easiest way to get there, you can catch a bus from Yamajo Station on the Sangi Line. The bus ride is about 5 minutes and will cost you approximately 200 yen. This bus will take you directly to the mall. To get to the Sangi Line, you will need to transfer at Kintetsu Tomida. It will cost you 270 from Kintetsu Tomida to Yamajo, and ICOCA cards can not be used. The train times are a little inconvenient, so plan your schedule around them. Kintetsu Tomida to Yamajo can be found here, and Yamajo to Kintetsu Tomida can be found here.

As it's not on Google Maps yet, here is the link to Aeon's directions.

Food and Drink


Restaurants and Bars

Recreation and Entertainment

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