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Nabari (名張市 : Nabarai-shi) is a city that lies on the western border of Mie, is west of Tsu, and home to six JETs.

The town is surrounded by gorgeous mountains and includes countless rice fields. Nevertheless, with a population around 90,000, it has numerous shops and restaurants. There are more places than you need to eat, shop, bowl, play pachinko...

Despite being in Mie Prefecture, many people in Nabari commute two prefectures over to Osaka for work. Thanks to this, train service between Nabari and Osaka is nice and frequent.


Nabari in Japanese

"Nabari" is a tough one. One literal translation could be "Stretching the name".

Getting Around


To get to Nabari from most places in Mie-ken, you must change trains in Ise-Nakagawa, and head towards Osaka. Some locals go as far as Nabari, or take an express to Uehommachi.

Using non-limited express trains, Nabari is 1 hour from Nara and Osaka, 1.5 hours from Kobe and Kyoto, around 1 hour from Tsu, and 2 hours from Nagoya.

There are four station in Nabari:

  • Mihata (美旗) Station
  • Kikyōgaoka (桔梗が丘) Station
  • Nabari (名張) Station : Main station - tokkyū and urban liner stop
  • Akemeguchi (赤目口) Station



Local Attractions

Scenic Spots

  • Nabari Central Park
    Park near the city center that is particularly beautiful in spring when the cherry blossoms bloom.
  • Shōrenji Dam (青蓮寺ダム)
    Nabari's beautiful dam and lake up in Yurigaoka. In season, you can pick grapes and strawberries nearby. Over-looking Shorenji Lake is the Shorenji Lake Hotel, home of Nabari's top onsen. The view is gorgeous, nothing but mountains and the lake. There's a free shuttle bus from Nabari station, and entrance is ¥800.


  • Post Office (郵便局 yūbin kyoku)
    Nabari's main post office is a 2 minute walk from Nabari Station. From the West exit, go right on the main street.
  • 105 Bank (百五銀行 Hyakugo Ginkō)
    There are at least 3 locations, and other stand-alone ATMs. One ATM is just outside the East exit of Nabari Station.


  • Super Center Okuwa
    A building with an Okuwa grocery store, 100yen store, arcade, a 'Jonnies' cafe upstairs, and more (also has 105 ATM).
  • Jusco
    A building with a grocery store, Cafe du Monde, other places to eat. Upstairs has clothing, housewares, games, 100 yen shop, and a restaurant. Across the street is another 100yen store.
  • Apita - Kikyōgaoka
    Department store, kind of like Jusco
  • K's Denki
    Decent-sized electronics store
  • Yamada Denki
    Decent-sized electronics store
  • Joshin
    Decent-sized electronics store
  • Uniqlo - Near Club Sega
    Popular for clothing
  • Arude - Near Tostem
    Bookstore w/ a small language section as well
  • Next One
    New and used CD's, Dvd's, video games, Music instruments
  • Fourier - Near Nabari Super Bowl
    Used clothes, music, comics, toys, games, more

Food and Drink


  • Super Center Okuwa - Grocery store and other
  • Jusco - Grocery store inside
  • Sandy - Small grocery store with good prices
  • Max Valu - Grocery Store

Near Super Center Okuwa

  • Kurazushi
    Conveyor belt sushi
  • Bikkuri Donkii
    Steak - not recommended for vegetarians
  • Fugetsu
  • Baby Face Planets
    Asian fusion themed family restaurant, TV screens at every table playing movies
  • Tonkou
    Great Chinese food
  • La Sylphide
    French Fine Dining (Dinner sets start at around ¥3000, but are delicious)

Near K's Denki's old location

  • Big Boy
    Medley of Western and Japanese food, plus salad bar - do not expect it to be just like Big Boy in the US
  • Tomato Onion
    Japanese/Western food
  • Dotombori
    Osaka style Okonomiyaki you mix and cook at your own table.

Near Max Valu

  • Minoji
    Good yakitori place. Lots to choose from. Try the chicken sashimi if you dare.
  • Mos Burger
    Japanese fast food
  • Gusto
    Japanese chain, family restaurant
  • Yakiniku

Near Viva Home Center

  • Joyfull
    24 hr famiresu - Japanese/Western food
  • McDonald's

Near Nabari Super Bowl

  • Purana
    Indian/Napali food - Great Nan and Curry
  • Denmaru
    Hokkaido style ramen
  • McDonald's


  • Sayizeria
    Italian-ish casual famiresu
  • Pasta
    True to the name, but hours of operation are sketchy

Near City Hall

  • Boulangerie Patisserie (La Montagna) - Near City Hall
    Great pizza and pasta
  • Ken - Near City Hall, across from Police Station
    Steak place with an endless salad, soup and curry rice bar. Ice Cream buffet for another ¥200.

Local Restaurants

  • Banja - ten minutes from Nabari Station
    Beautiful Japanese izakaya
  • Anata no Machi no Daidokuro (あなたの町の台所) - Near Super Center Okuwa
    Cheap and delicious Japanese canteen
  • Freemans - Near K's
    Japanese upscale izakaya
  • Teba Teba - Near Next One/Yoshinoya
    Chicken, especially wings. Everything on the menu is ¥270 (yes, even drinks!)

Recreation and Entertainment

  • Rent-a-car - Near K's
    Not for renting cars, but for karaoke. BYOB
  • Club Sega - Near Uniqlo
    Arcade with purikura and other stuff
  • Nabari Super Bowl
    Bowling Alley - You can spot the huge bowling pin. Also batting cages.
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