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Kawagoe (川越町 : Kawagoe-chō) is a tiny but densely-populated town in northern Mie prefecture and is home to about 13,200 people.

It is conveniently situated between Yokkaichi and Kuwana


Kawagoe in Japanese

"Kawagoe" could literally be said to mean "Crossing the River", however looking at it from historical terms it is likely to mean "a place which can only be reached by crossing a river".

Kawagoe also happens to be the name of a major Tokyo suburn in Saitama Prefecture. If you tell people elsewhere in Japan you're from "Kawagoe", they are practically guaranteed to assume you are referring to the Saitama Kawagoe and may never have heard of the town in Mie of the same name.


Kawagoe town borders Asahi, the smallest town in Mie (by area) and isn't quite as small but at 8.5km², it's pretty close. These two towns are extremely small size-wise and being neighbors have a lot in common. They can also be very difficult to find (or distinguish between) on a map.

The town is the home of the Kawagoe Electric Power Museum and Kawagoe High School.



Kawagoe has an exit on the Ise Wangan Expressway, known as the Mie-Kawagoe Interchange.


There is one station in the whole town, Kawagoe-Tomisuhara (川越富洲原) Station on the Kintetsu Nagoya Line. It is one stop north of Kintetsu-Tomida. Only locals and semi-expresses stop here.


  • Public Swimming Pool - Admission is ¥380
    Located next to Chubu Power Station (the two large white smoke stacks)
  • Japan Post
    Located just past the Circle K on Route 1 (at the top of the hill)

Local Attractions

Things to See

  • Children's Museum
    A nice place for a family outing. It's shaped like a globe and is located next to the Chubu Power Station.

Events and Festivals


  • Fujiya
    A chain bakery/pastry shop located across the street from Circle K on Route 1

Food and Drink

Supermarkets and Kombini

  • Circle K
    On Route 1, across the street from Kawagoe Junior High School

Chain Restaurants

Local Restaurants

Izakaya and Bars

Recreation and Entertainment

  • Round 1
    A huge entertainment complex with bowling, karaoke, an arcade, and some other sports as well
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