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Cherry blossoms bloom in Asahi

Asahi (朝日町 : Asahi-chō) is a small but friendly town in northern Mie with a population of about 10,000.

It is nestled between two highly populated areas (Kuwana and Yokkaichi).


Asahi in Japanese

"Asahi" famously means "The Rising Sun", with 「朝」 being "morning" and 「日」 being "sun". It is a name shared with not just other towns but also a number of products such as the newspaper, the broadcasting company, and the beer.

Sometimes "Asahi" is alternatively written with the kanji 「旭」.


Asahi is unusually small in terms of area, it is the smallest municipality in all of Mie, occupying only 6km² of land. Kawagoe is a close second. Both towns are tiny and, as they are right next to each other, can be hard to distinguish on map.

There is a humongous Toshiba factory in town, which provides the town a good deal of money and is largely the reason why Asahi hasn't been gobbled up by a big bad city like most other small towns in Mie.

Getting Around

At a mere 6km², Asahi is very easily navigated on a bicycle.


There are two train stations in Asahi, one Kintetsu stop and one JR stop, neither of which are express stops. The two stations are about 15 minutes apart on foot.

  • Ise-Asahi (伊勢朝日) Station
    Kintetsu Nagoya Line. Locals and semi-express only. Nearest express stops are Kuwana (5 min north; 2 stops), and Kintetsu-Tomida (6 min south, 2 stops).
  • Asahi (朝日) Station
    JR Kansai Main Line. Locals only. Nearest express stops are Kuwana (4 min north, 1 stop), and Yokkaichi (11 min south, 3 stops).

Local Attractions

Scenic Spots

  • Admire the view from the lookout point near JR Asahi Station (just look for the big flight of stairs and start climbing!)
  • Visit shrines or temples


  • Asahi Town Office
    Take care of official paperwork upon arrival
  • Mie Bank
    located next to Ise-Asahi Station (Kintetsu)
  • ATMs
    Available at Mie bank, K’s Denki, and at the Asahi Town Office
  • Post Office
    5 min walk from Asahi Station (JR). There is also one in nearby Kawagoe on Route 1, about 5 min bike ride from Kawagoe High School)
  • Laundry Mat
    On Route 1 across from the grouping of ramen shops
  • Dry Cleaners -
    One is located at K’s Denki
    A second local dry cleaners is located between the Ise-Asahi (Kintetsu) and Asahi (JR) train stations.
  • Hair Salons
    There is one located a 2 minute walk from Ise-Asahi Station (Kintetsu) and another located between the JR and Kintetsu stations. A third hair salon is located up Route 66 (the big hill) and is next to the Family Mart.
  • Clinics
    There is a newly opened women's clinic along Route 66. A general health clinic is located next to the Family Mart, and a third is one block from the old kindergarten. The closest English speaking health clinic is in Masuo - one stop north on the Kintetsu line (towards Kuwana).
  • Bike repair shop
    There's no longer a bike repair shop in town. The closest one is at the bicycle shop on Route 1, near KawagoeTomisuhara train station.


  • K’s Denki
  • Book, CD and DVD shops - along Route 1
  • GEO
    Video and game rental shop (next to Monomania)
  • Monomania
    Giant second-hand shops on Route 1 (the building with the giant whale on the side!). It sells everything from clothes, electronics, and furniture to dubious collectible toys. There are now 2 locations - one across the street from the other!

Food and Drink

Supermarkets and Kombini

  • Sanshi
    Big supermarket off Route 1 (turn left at the intersection with the inter-connected pedestrian bridges and it's about 2 blocks down).
  • Local grocery store
    Between the two train stations. Very friendly and sells seasonal fruit and veg.
  • Circle K
    On Route 1 not far from Kawagoe High School.
  • Family Mart
    Off Route 1 and up Route 66 (the big hill).
  • Lawsons (NEW!)
    On Route 1, directly beside GEO

Local Restaurants

  • Chand Pur
    Real Indian food and super nice owners
  • Several ramen shops
  • Eel restaurants

Chain Restaurants

  • Mos burger
  • Bamiyan
    Chinese famiresu
  • Bronco Billy Steak House
  • Tonkatsu restaurant
  • Bento take away

Recreation and Entertainment

  • Bowling / Arcade


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